Lithium Sulfur Battery technology company OXIS Energy welcomes Scott Davis to manage cell production at its new manufacturing plant in Wales

An accomplished production manager, Scott Davis joined OXIS Energy from the Belgian company. PB Leiner. OXIS’ new facility at Kenfig Hill near Port Talbot will be online in 2021 and will produce enough cathode and electrolyte to support the production of 500,000 cells, with room to expand further.

A graduate of Swansea University and living in Neath, Scott Davis said, “I’m really proud and excited that a global leader in Lithium Sulfur batteries is investing in my local area. With access to multiple ports, a highly skilled workforce and supply chain and our partnerships with local universities, South Wales has so much to offer. The jobs that OXIS will create both directly and indirectly from this investment will be a big boost to the area.”

Huw Hampson-Jones, CEO OXIS Energy added, “Having acquired the land to build the factory, this is OXIS’ first senior appointment for the Welsh production plant. It will become a global export unit to supply the material composition that creates the chemical reaction in our advanced rechargeable Lithium Sulfur vehicle battery systems. We are targeting the worldwide bus and truck markets, and for every 1,000 diesel buses we replace, we remove 500 barrels of oil. In Brazil, which has the 3rd largest bus market in the world, replacing all its buses would eliminate just under one billion tonnes of co2 emissions. The factory in Wales will play a key role in achieving this, with the result of many more jobs created in Port Talbot.”

OXIS Energy Ltd is involved in the design, development and now the move towards commercial production of lithium sulfur cells for battery systems. OXIS manufactures and produces all aspects and components in the making of the Li-S cell and does not use any toxic or rare earth material – a significant factor in the production of large battery systems for buses and trucks. With over 43 patent families, OXIS has been granted 198 patents with 92 pending.

Contact: Gaenor Howells