Lithium Sulfur cells are very different to Li-ion. We have built this support page to help you understand the technology in more detail. The user manuals for our various cells are provided when we supply the cells to you. These manuals include handling instructions, usage guidelines and datasheets.



OXIS and its partners have published a number of academic papers on Lithium Sulfur and its characteristics. Some of the more recent ones are listed below.

Chemistry Behaviour

Lithium sulfur batteries, a mechanistic review

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Modelling the voltage loss mechanisms in lithium–sulfur cells: the importance of electrolyte resistance and precipitation kinetics

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A zero dimensional model of lithium–sulfur batteries during charge and discharge

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The influence of excluded volume and excess ion polarisability on the capacitance of the electric double layer

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Modelling transport-limited discharge capacity of Li-S cells

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Control Modelling

A review on electric vehicle battery modelling: From Lithium-ion toward Lithium–Sulphur

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Multi-temperature state-dependent equivalent circuit discharge model for lithium-sulfur batteries

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Lithium sulfur battery nail penetration test under load

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