Building pilot cell manufacturing facilities: The commercialisation scale up plan is to build cells in pilot facilities and prove them in a number of applications.

Full scale cell production is planned for our pilot manufacturing plants in Brazil and in the UK. Our product range includes:

Cell Components

OXIS is one of the few companies in the world to develop all 3 cell components: The cathode, the anode, and the electrolyte, and this constitutes a major technological advantage in the market
These 3 components are at the core of all cell and battery systems. Most competitors in the battery space develop one or two of these components.

OXIS active material development focuses on IP protected Electrolyte and Cathode. Our strategic partners receive the active material for testing and co-development. The cell components are sold to cell manufacturers under license.

  • 500Wh/kg targeted for 2020
  • Better specific energy
  • Performance (C-rates)
  • Lower capacity fade
  • Safety
  • Temperature range
  • Cyclability
  • Cycle Life (Stable SEI-formation)
  • Volumetric energy density
  • Safety
  • Performance (C-rates)

Standard Pouch Cell

OXIS has developed a  game changing Ultra Light Lithium Sulfur pouch cells. Large quantity manufacture will be handled by our manufacturing plants in Brazil and in the UK.

  • Nominal voltage: 2.1 V
  • Typical capacity: 10 – 35 Ah
  • Specific Energy: Up to 400 Wh/kg

OXIS will develop two types of Ultra Light cells (20 Ah, 2.1V) in order to address the specific requirements of aerospace and automotive:
– High energy density cell (>500 Wh/kg) for small electric aircrafts (2 seater), UAV and High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS).
– High power cell (>400 Wh/kg) for automotive applications and electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

  • Ultralight Cell – high gravimetric energy density, low temperature tolerance, lightest of OXIS cell technologies

Customized Cell

At OXIS Energy we understand that a standard cell might not suit everybody’s requirements. Therefore, our Li-S technology can be adapted to meet the performance and design optimised for the desired specific application.


If you require a battery, OXIS can work with its battery partners to develop solutions for a range of applications. Please see our Partners tab for more information on our battery partners.

Check out the Application page to read more about the batteries under development. These include a portable soldier battery and an electric vehicle battery.