OXIS launches Project Helios

By June 3, 2015 September 9th, 2017 Press Releases

The OXIS Solar Centre for Autonomous Research (OSCAR) enthusiastically launches Project Helios today as a launch-pad for cheaper commercial solar energy right across the world. OSCAR is a specially built demonstration centre that houses OXIS’ entire solar storage technology.

The CEO of OXIS Energy, Huw Hampson-Jones says “The significance of this technology is at this stage understated. In the continent of Africa for example, this is a breakthrough as profound as the introduction of the mobile phone and allows for the rapid commercialisation of their economies using solar energy storage systems. For Europe this technology brings a safe and cheap source of electricity for its citizens in a manner that allows its economies to lessen their dependency on oil and gas.”

PROINSO Head of Asia Pacific and Storage, Stuart Macfarlane, added: “The realisation of the OXIS storage solution is perfectly timed as we continue to move into emerging markets that have a high demand for safe, reliable and cost-effective energy storage solutions. Importantly, the technology is robust and easily scalable which is crucial for use across a wide range of applications and in frequently hostile environments. PROINSO is constantly looking for that next innovation which will enable us to continue to deliver technically sophisticated solutions that showcase the best the industry can offer. Working with companies like OXIS in the development of new technologies is the foundation of this ongoing process.”

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