The power of Ceetak’s Heat Sealing Technology in the UK’s battery cell research and development programme

By December 11, 2018November 6th, 2019In The News

In conjunction with OXIS Energy, Ceetak Ltd is proud to be part of the Faraday Battery Challenge; a programme designed to ensure that battery cell research and innovation take centre stage in the Government’s Industrial Strategy.
The Faraday Challenge involves the UK government investing £246 million to support the development of new battery technologies. It will fund research, innovation and scale-up facilities for batteries for the electrification of future vehicles and other applications that support an electrified economy.

This should in turn lower carbon emissions and help to tackle air pollution while creating new opportunities and industries. By initially focussing on the automotive sector, the Faraday challenge will allow the UK to realise its commitment to move to full electrification and zero emissions vehicles.
It will also make the most of the growing batteries market – estimated to be worth £5 billion in the UK and £50 billion across Europe by 2025.

Innovate UK has distributed funding for businesses for specific R&D projects within the programme, and UK based OXIS Energy is leading the Lithium Sulfur Future Automotive (LiSFAB) development project. Valued at approximately £7 million, the project has been awarded a grant to develop a next generation battery cell and module that will have the significantly improved power and cycle life required by larger automotive applications.

The message from Huw Hampson-Jones, Chief Executive Officer of OXIS was: “The LiSFAB project is a significant step forward for OXIS Lithium Sulfur chemistry and technology. Achieving the programme’s set goals signifies that we can replace the use of fossilised fuel with rechargeable batteries that are benign to the environment. When Europe is spending €1billion a day on oil, OXIS Li-S batteries make a big impact towards reducing pollution.”

Ceetak are working in partnership with OXIS Energy who (from previous projects) has prior experience of our Heat Sealing Technology capabilities. They approached us to work on the project to develop the crucial pouch sealing process in order to ensure the future production of a robust battery cell.

Ceetak Ltd is the UK’s leading specialist in the design, development and manufacture of heat sealing equipment that is suitable for the cutting and sealing of thermoplastic materials.
Using our key heat sealing technologies, we design and build modular heat sealing components to be retrofitted onto existing customer machinery or alternatively, we provide a complete design and build service of bespoke machinery. Our heat sealing technologies can to be implemented within our customer’s production lines in order to streamline manufacturing processes, or simply improve the design and integrity of the products manufactured.

Since the project’s inception in the second quarter of 2018, a team of Ceetak engineers have worked to provide crucial test result data on the performance of a selection of our heat sealing technologies, and the compatibility with the delicate materials involved in the production of the battery cell. This is being accomplished by developing a specific test station to evaluate the different technologies to achieve the most robust and suitable pouch sealing process.

Ceetak’s Project Leader, David Lines, said: “We are thrilled to be working on this project with OXIS. Our heat sealing technologies are so adaptable in how they can be used for such a wide variety of different thermoplastic materials it’s fantastic to be presented with these types of challenging and critical applications. To be approached to take part in such a high profile and important project because of our knowledge and expertise is something we are very proud of as an innovative, and engineering focused organisation.”