OXIS Energy and Hans H. Schive to collaborate on the development of Lithium Sulfur Batteries

By May 7, 2014May 17th, 2016Press Releases

Oxis and Schive have concluded a new partnership deal that combines OXIS’s expertise in the development of the next generation of cell technology with one of Schive’s specialities – designing and manufacturing battery packs. Schive will develop lithium sulfur rechargeable battery systems for sub-sea, military and industrial customers using the OXIS revolutionary cell technology, renowned for its lightness and safety.Commenting on the new partnership Huw Hampson-Jones, CEO of OXIS said,

‘We are delighted to be able to announce this partnership with Schive. The driving force is to provide higher levels of safety in what are often testing conditions. Lithium-Ion is known for its volatility and that poses a danger to the lives of workers in the Oil industry, a speciality of Schive. The inherent safety of OXIS’s cell technology, coupled with its lightness, provides the Oil and Defence industries with greater flexibility for deployment in harsh environments.’

Erik Hagelien, VP Sales and Marketing at Hans H. Schive, also sees it as a hugely important agreement.

‘Hans H. Schive’s speciality is building high quality lithium battery packs that are used in the most demanding applications. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of developing Lithium Sulfur Technology in a market where energy density, lightness and safety are key factors for future projects. There are many opportunities to deploy this in military communications and body-worn equipment and there is also huge potential in the oil and off-shore segment with the increase in demand for rechargeable lithium technology for AUVs, geophysical surveys, inspection tools and down-hole operations. There are also green energy applications such as wind, solar and wave energy as well as measurement in the earth’s most hostile environments.

‘Working closely with world class developers and manufacturers of battery technology enables us to implement and realise state of the art battery technology in our designs, a key issue for our success. We are very excited by this agreement between OXIS Energy and Hans H. Schive which will take us a stage further on our roadmap.’

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