Leading Companies Team Up To Develop An Unrivalled Lithium Sulfur Solar Energy Storage System

By June 10, 2013 May 17th, 2016 Press Releases


A consortium of leading energy companies is to develop safe, lightweight and robust solar energy storage systems for the military around the world and will also be adapted for the commercial and residential market. Lincad, Oxis Energy, Pure Wafer and Solutronic have pooled their expertise in order to incorporate the breakthrough technology they’ve developed to create a system that will comprise rugged and lightweight solar panels, state-of-the-art electronics and the next generation of battery technology.

LINCAD’s input will be to use their expertise in designing battery systems for the defence industry, integrating the system with their new reliable Battery Management System to create an ideal, cost-saving and robust solar energy storage system for the armed forces. Lincad CEO, Brian Soden said, “This development will revolutionise energy costs for the military around the world.  It is indisputable that the cost of fuel for defence continues to escalate. Governments are keen to find alternatives and solar energy will play a significant part in bringing down the cost.”

OXIS will supply the lithium sulfur cell technology which is characterised by being extremely lightweight as well as by its unparalleled high safety levels. In recent tests for the UK Ministry of Defence, the lithium sulfur cells were shown to withstand extreme abuse. OXIS Energy CEO, Huw Hampson-Jones said, “Combining our expertise in this way will allow these systems to be easily and quickly deployed. They will be invaluable to the armed forces. This development will impact commercial businesses and residential households across Europe and the wider world and will considerably reduce energy bills.”

Pure Wafer will contribute the rugged high efficiency military solar panel they’ve developed that, during daylight hours will power the electrical equipment and charge the lithium sulfur batteries. The power stored in the batteries will continue to supply the electrical equipment during the hours of darkness. Pure Wafer CEO, Peter Harrington added, “This consortium will help solar energy to penetrate both the commercial and residential markets to a much greater extent and will be much more cost-effective.”

Solutronic will supply the state-of-the-art electronics which efficiently connects the solar panels, batteries and equipment to power. Uwe Scobel-Freimuller, Solutronics CSO said, “Converting the power efficiently makes a significant improvement to the total energy provided for the attached equipment, thus reducing energy costs further.”

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