OXIS Energy UK Ltd is collaborating with Swansea University to support the development of enhanced lithium metal anodes to improve the cycle life of Li-S batteries.

By November 5, 2019Press Releases

As part of the College of Engineering EU Vanguard activities, OXIS Energy has embarked in the part-funding of a EngD student in a four-year programme to utilize vacuum deposition techniques to form protective layers on lithium metal anodes. The remaining funding will come from the European Social Fund (ESF) via the Welsh Government. OXIS Energy is already in the process of establishing a purpose built facility for the production of electrolyte and cathode active material specifically for the mass production of lithium sulfur cells in Port Talbot which is only a few miles from the University. This facility will house advanced equipment and will help OXIS enhance the performance of its technology. It will also provide well trained staff through PhD programmes, in association with Swansea University, that OXIS could tap into in future years.