Another Topnotch Award for OXIS Energy

By November 16, 2015September 9th, 2017Press Releases

OXIS Energy has received the “Innovation Leading to Business Transformation” award from Innovate UK. Several companies were shortlisted for the first Innovate UK SME Innovation Awards and OXIS Energy regards this as being a very laudable commendation.

OXIS Energy is a world leader in lithium sulfur cell batteries which are lighter than their lithium ion equivalents when storing the same amount of energy. OXIS Energy won its first Innovate UK support in 2009. OXIS recognises this as a key point in its history and the role that Innovate UK has had. With
Innovate UK support, OXIS has grown rapidly with staff numbers increasing from 11 in 2009 to 53 in 2015, and plans to reach 100 by 2017. Not only is OXIS generating employment, it is generating jobs for highly skilled employees.

The CEO of OXIS, Huw Hampson-Jones said ” Innovate UK’s support and help has been the catalyst for OXIS Energy to work with a range of partners, a major factor in the company’s growth. These partnerships have helped forge commercial relationships and build confidence in its technology in the marketplace. We’ve attracted private investment from South African firm Sasol, who has invested £15 million to date and the engineering consultancy and supplier Ricardo has joined our low-carbon vehicles project, which will help us enter the automotive market.”

OXIS has continued to win further funding with the Energy team as well as success in a recent Marine competition. OXIS’ collaborations help build relationships with partners and customers, and build confidence in its technology in the market place.

OXIS is developing markets for its products. The defence industry is interested not only in the weight saving which is crucial for a pack designed to be carried, but also the safety advantages. Li-S is a safe chemistry that does not react when cells are damaged and continues to provide reliable function.

OXIS has worked on a commercial basis with the MoD and this is just one market for its battery products. Other markets include automotive, marine, energy storage and aviation, where the strengths of the technology offer significant advantages.

The future plans for OXIS include increasing production, with crucial parts being produced in the UK, bringing inward investment and building the UK supply chain.

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